Kira's Boutique Hotel

Kira’s Boutique Hotel

Hotel Charmoso localizado no coração do mindelo

O Kira’s Hotel  está localizado no coração da cidade do Mindelo e apenas a uma curta viagem de 15 minutos do aeroporto Cesária Évora, em São Vicente, com transferes pré-organizados

Kira's Boutique Hotel

Kira’s Boutique Hotel

Lider de charme e hospitalidade.

Kira’s é um boutique hotel familiar que funciona na casa onde antes residia a família Spencer, em Mindelo, São Vicente. O nome Kira’s deriva do nome pelo qual o dono da casa era conhecido entre os amigos. Durante a sua estadia será tratado como um membro da família. Com uma localização excelente na capital cultural de Cabo Verde, Cidade do Mindelo, Kira’s proporciona-lhe uma experiência única num ambiente de charme, decorado com temas relacionados com a cultura cabo-verdiana. A equipa oferece aos hóspedes um serviço de qualidade, num ambiente único, garantindo que eles se sintam em casa e que a estadia deles em Cabo Verde seja memorável. Kira’s Boutique Hotel dispõe de recantos de lazer tanto interiores como exteriores, onde os hóspedes podem ler um livro, ter uma conversa descontraída, apanhar sol ou saborear uma bebida.

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Welcome to
Kira´s Boutique Hotel


Dear customers,
With the Covid-19 pandemic many of you have been forced to cancel or postpone your trips and after a long period of confinement you are now dreaming of a very relaxing holiday in exotic and idyllic places.
The good news is that there are already encouraging signs of a return to normality in different parts of the world.
We are sure that the moment will soon come when we can all embrace and be with the ones we love most and make the trips of our dreams, discovering the world and living memorable experiences.
Kira’s Boutique Hotel never stopped thinking about you. Always positive and giving way to our creativity, we have remained firm and active, preparing to welcome, cherish and surprise you as soon as the flights start again.
And because your safety is our priority, following the guidelines and recommendations of the competent government authorities, we have already implemented the following preventive measures:

  • Staff trained and properly informed about preventive measures against COVID-19.
  • Personnel whose activity requires direct contact with guests equipped with protective masks and keeping distance of at least 1.5 meters.
  • Reception with transparent protection barrier and security tape on the floor to ensure the necessary distance.
  • Hand sanitizer used before and after each interaction with guests.
  • Guests are no longer accompanied to the room, directions and instructions are given at the reception.
  • Keys are disinfected before and after usage.
  • Display of COVID-19 information material in a visible place.
  • Limited and controlled access to the breakfast room to guarantee a distance of at least 1.5 meters between members who do not belong to the same family, encouraging the use of spaces for clients in our courtyard.
  • Reinforcement and introduction of new daily and periodic hygiene practices for spaces, surfaces, door handles, cabinets and drawers, switches, etc., with an appropriate disinfectant product. Especially in the bedrooms, particular attention is paid to high-touch objects and surfaces, including television and A/C remote controls, toilet seats and handles, door and furniture handles, water taps, light switches, telephones, nightstands, etc.
  • Cleaning of the rooms is done daily and, for this, housekeepers take all necessary precautions. However, if guests prefer, they can choose, by informing the reception, for a streamlined service that occurs every other day and/or a light service that is limited to emptying the trash, supplying fresh towels and new amenities.
  • Dispensers with alcohol-based hand sanitizer installed at strategic points in the hotel.

We also inform you that all areas of our hotel are very well ventilated, including the bedrooms and their bathrooms, which all have windows to the outside, thus allowing the circulation of good quality air.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to Kira's Boutique Hotel with all our morabeza, and to assist you in discovering the charms of Cape Verde and S. Vicente in particular, the beauty of its landscapes, the friendliness of its people and the richness of its culture.
Stay healthy and see you soon at Kira’s Boutique Hotel!
Isabel Spencer


Charming hotel in the heart of Mindelo, Cape Verde.
Kira’s Hotel is located in the heart of the city of Mindelo and only a short fifteen minute journey from the Cesária Évora airport, São Vicente, with pre-arranged tranferes.

Enjoyed  a relaxing stay here, a conveniently located hotel which has frindly helpful staff.

Happy to organise early breakfast when you want to catch the early morning ferry to Santo Antão.

Roof terrace good  to catcha the ofternoon/evening sun.

Susan Rivett

One of the best places to be in Mindelo! A cute hotel with beautiful terrace on the roof whit sight over downtown Mindelo. In the shaded court you can have breakfast and later on little refreshments and beverages. The rooms have names of  cape verde islands, not numbers, and are very clean and neat-  attended twice a day.

Michael Meyer

Blessed address, super friendly warm people. Delightfull breakfast, you are really pampered here and the unexpectec attentions make you feel stunned. Highly recommended!

Linda Michielsen
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